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A new and exciting zombie shooter. Fight for survival in the world of a zombie apocalypse. Choose your unique weapon and fight with walking dead in the most frightening places of a huge night city. Learn unique locations and kill the dead with the most interesting weapon.

Hold on as long as possible and kill all the zombies! This task is ONLY for the elite. There is no excuse for a foolish mistake, because of which you can pay with blood.

Kill 15 zombie waves and get our special unique prize.

The Grand Army: Zombie Surivival refers to zombie FPS games where you can enjoy a real battle. Waves of zombies will come to you like a tsunami. Kill them and become elected. Choose your own path and achieve the maximum result.

– !! BEST !! – !! #1 !! – !! TOP !! –

– The most beautiful night city without borders and restrictions.
– A lot of the most modern and powerful weapons.
– Exciting driving on the machine with the ability to blow up and crush zombies.
– Unique survival modes in an open city.
– A lot of brutal enemies and interesting characters.
– Implemented Ragdoll, so you get the most out of this game.
– Special rating and competitions that will allow you to become the best among all fighters.

Unique special effects:
– 3D graphics with realistic lighting and a night city.
– Interesting sound effects, which will immerse you in the game process.
– Weapons with various effects from real life (shotgun, automatic, grenade launcher and many others).
– Waves of zombies that come with different shapes and abilities. Some zombies are infected with a unique virus that allows you to attack you in different modes.

Technical support:
– Our technical support service works specially for you 24 hours a day.
– We will gratefully accept all your feedback and comments.
– The game was created by a professional team of developers with the connection of specialists in directing, sound and special effects.

Play The Grand Army: Zombie Surivival. Get great pleasure from this game and its capabilities.

– !! BEST !! – !! #1 !! – !! TOP !! –

– now the gun has more ammunition
– at the beginning more weapons
– ATMs have been added
– added tags to the map
– global optimized
– small roadblocks
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