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Lethal Death Race Game


Are you ready? Let’s get ready for dddeath rrrrracing!
Dynamic violent death race full of explosions, jumps, shooting while you ride.
The world has been changed, cars of death has been legalised and drive-by shooting looks different. You can smash your opponents with many sort of cannons built-in on your car. Destroy rivals racing cars or they’ll get you instead. Test yourself in furious death race arena simulator in the profession of death rider. Explore 25 amazing racing events while competition with other skilled death riders. You will receive messages and invitations to take part in the race. Earn cash, upgrade your death car with engine modifications, nitro, armour, tires, rockets or just buy new cars of death to participate in the elite races. Move up in ranking of online high score table to become the best of the best death riders.

Enjoy beautiful views of anti-utopia future desert, city, beach and more. All glories come to you with a single finger!
Definitely should be best 2017 car racing game! Ruthless drivers putting your life at great risk! Beware of on-ground trash cans full of TNT. This is real time test for checking your road warrior skills! Forget about usual racing games because car armageddon that you will see there you won’t see nowhere. Take part in the super non stop action racing game Lethal Death Race.

Lethal Death Race is a super addicting combat racing game! Featuring:

– Great HD graphics with ability to set low, medium and high for better optimisations
– Shooting rivals
– Plenty of upgrades and new cars
– Career mode with interesting events
– Extremely skillful driving required with hard core opponents.
– Dynamic music
– Online Google Games Services leaderboard, who’s the best?
– Russian, English languages
– Working smooth on the mid-end and high-end devices

If you like Lethal Death Race please feel free to share game with your friends and make preferable good feedback at Google Play Store. If you put +1 developer should be very happy!


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