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Littlz Beetlz Best Smasher Game

Imagine: You go to the kitchen. Turned on the light. And there are beetlz! What will you do? Right! Get the swatter and smash them all!
Yes, this will sometimes have to do if you forget the food on the floor, take out the trash and make a mess. No wonder that it can be got Littlz Beetlz! (Accentuating! It’s not about little beetles, bugs, cockroaches and ants. It’s all about beetlz! Littlz Beetlz!) This game provides the opportunity to practice in smashing beetlz.
Veselooshka always try to bring something new in game development. This time we worked hard to bring on your smartphones and tablets the best insect smasher for ever. 148 levels of funniest arcade with exciting action! Original, bright and stylish. It’s turned out good casual time killer (or as it’s called “toilet game”).
It’s great for playing with your kids. The playing process becomes easy and it all comes down to enjoying communication between parent and child.
Also game has“tower defense” elements.
And it can be called educational game – it can help to develop skills like focus on multiple objects at once, memory and reaction speed.

You must tap beetlz with your finger to punch them. But it’s not so easy as you imagine!
Beetlz are smart. They are not just move from the point “A” to the point “B”. They can wait or start run immediately. They can change their trajectory of movement randomly or if the obstacles on the way. In addition, they can hide under the utensils, and then suddenly crawl out from under of it.
Except the main brown beetlz, game contains 4 different type of beetlz with own unique abilities. You can’t kill some beetlz by the first hit. Other ones cover retreat of comrades even after own death. Others are good at camouflage. And some beetlz are faster than a speeding bullet.
It’s enlivening gameplay very much. Especially high level maps where present all 5 types of beetlz.
In each seventh map the gameplay different from previous six. It’s like mini-boss. Also there are maps with shadows in which beetlz can hide and with pins which damage the swatter causing it to miss.

If the gameplay seems too difficult – try to change your smash technique. Our most effective tester puts the phone on the table with non-slip surface and taps beetlz by both index fingers for better accuracy. Some testers turning phone to landscape position and operating by their thumbs. Someone try to play using all the fingers of one hand (except the thumb) touching screen like pianist touching piano keys.
And the easiest way is to ask your family members or friends to help you. When two or more people playing at the same time the game becomes very easy.
Find your way and smash that evil Boss at last!


Added story illustrations.
Added in-game purchases.
Changed the menu interface.
Changed the gameplay, including a completely changed Boss level.
Improved graphics.
Improved performance.
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