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Low Fly Game


Fly paper plane for as long as you can fly! Only tap, tap much as you can! It’s not an usual clicker, or some kind of runner, is flying tapper that has elements of clicker is clicks and the playing is taps.
Want to try something new of click games? Tired of boring tapper, clicker, runner? Then You have to interested in this tap game! Because this unusual tap-game has:
– Beautiful scenery ( On the way You will forests, moose, snakes, rocks, rivers, flying butterfly, flying seagulls, dunes, stacks – Do you paper airplane is not afraid of stack?)
– Cool nice graphics (Tap on flying airplane, you’ll see the beauty of the dunes, stacks, and beautiful nature)
– Fast paper airplanes! (He can fly quickly around the stack, fur-tree, and all that will occur in the way of a flying airplane)
– Unusual, different from all, the gameplay (As we said, he’s more interesting than usual runner, because you fly and clicks (taps) to change the flight path)
– Long track that will test your abilities ( let’s See how you are able to concentrate and achieve your goal, you’ll have to tap when necessary, that would not crash into a stack or a rock, or a sand dune, and remember every click can affect the outcome of this tap-game)
Download and prove you’re the best!

– Fix bugs
– Reduced difficulty in last stage
– Reduced ads
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