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Massive Warfare (Unreleased) Game


Control powerful tanks, deadly helicopters and lethal sea vessels in an all out war to prove that might is right!

Take part in massive synchronous top down battles across land, sea and air – old school first person shooting meets modern mobile technology and lets you play anywhere, any time, and against real opponents.

Grow your garage as you battle and rank up, including bigger and better war machines to crush all opposition.

Then upgrade your weapons of war into ever more destructive devices and then customize them to suit your play style.

Join forces with an alliance and coordinate your attacks to earn community goals, conquer achievements and win the commendation of your friends in battle.

Massive variety awaits – game modes, vehicles, maps, customization and upgrades for you to explore and integrate into your battle plans.

So what are you waiting for? Join MASSIVE WARFARE and prove your military might!

Thanks for joining us for Early Access! Here’s what’s new:
● New player health regeneration for recovery on the battlefield
● Adjusted rocket weapons for easier use
● Weapons re-balanced
● Loot magnet effect more grabby
● Re-balanced flak + flame weapons
● Power Ups now, well–more powerful!
● Drones added as environment based enemies to spice things up
● Griffon vehicle now available for soft currency
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