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Medal Of Valor 5 – Multiplayer Game


For the first time in Medal Of Valor history you can now play with your friends! Enjoy 5 Campaign missions with 4 player coop and fend off hordes of enemies together in the new survival mode! Don’t worry if you prefer to go it alone, we still have full offline play!

A large arsenal of 13 WW2 era weapons from the U.S, German and Japanese forces are in the game! Earn experience as you play to rank up and unlock more powerful weaponry!

* Multiplayer
* Full 3D graphics
* Challenging enemy types
* Cooperative play
* Survival mode
* 13 Weapons
* Rank up system
* WW2 action
* Zombies

* Can now join multiplayer games in progress
* Multiplayer games in progress are now visible in server list
* Added Ambient Occlusion to the options menu
* Added links to other Medal Of Valor games
* Added reload sounds to offline
* Fixed ping not displaying
* Added medkits
* Fixed guns displaying incorectly
* Removed adds from multiplayer level changes
* Fixed Offline level changes
* Can no longer host a game alone, please play in Offline mode for Solo play
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