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Mini Guns – Omega Wars Game


Mini Guns is now available in AR!

Choose your mini troops and get them ready for battle Commander! Mini Guns is a free to play military strategy game. Play real-time, online, against your friends or combine your mini troops in allied mini battles for victory!

War! Get ready for tug-of-war mini battles where you need to push the battlefront beyond the loot crates and onto the enemy’s mini base. Go it alone or fight with your allies and battle real-time against other mini strategists and mini tacticians.

Missions! Test your skills and military know-how in tactical single-player missions to marshal your mini troops effectively and efficiently.

Maps! The mini battlefield terrains change, which impact each mini troop’s strengths and weaknesses. Manage your mini resources strategically.

Chat! Join an alliance where you can chat with allies from all over the world to compare strategies and exchange or donate mini troops. Build your alliance to increase battle rewards and the mini troops, mini units, gold and gems in the daily packs.

Marshal all the troops and units across the three different factions:
The Republic: Born from the minds of free thinkers, the Republic fights for justice, peace and the perpetual freedom of all.
The Dominion: The Dominion corporation stand at the bleeding edge of science and power. They strive to achieve technological supremacy at any cost.
The Empire: Bred for battle, the Empire value strength and order above all else. Their mighty armies march onward to conquer their foes and bring absolute power to their revered queen.

Destroy the enemy base to win troops, gold, gems and military rank. Discover rare, epic and legendary mini troops which can only be managed by the most tactical commander!

• Battle players from all over the globe in real-time.
• Battle 2v2 either with allies or in the real-time random quue.
• Earn mini troops and unlock the strongbox to discover powerful mini units
• Upgrade existing mini troops and mini units to improve their strength and increase their power
• Store up to three mini troop line-ups per faction
• Progress through the ranks to attain the elite league and gain elite rewards
• Watch replays of featured matches to gain tactics and strategy

3v3 Matches
Brand new 3v3 matches for even more action!

Mixed factions
Now, any combination of factions can play together in 2v2 and 3v3!

Upgrades with gold
No more time consuming upgrades – Minis will now be upgraded instantly using gold!

Sudden Death revamp
Remaining bunkers give even more AP, so make sure to protect them! Bases start Sudden Death with 10% of their max HP – no more one shot kills!

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