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Modern Robot Machine War 2017



This game, which is about robots, is going to be your crush or addiction. In this game you are a robot with a secret mission, in order to complete your mission you will have to go through a secret building. Let me tell you that in that secret buildings there are combat robots on duty to stop you. Your mission is to kill them and keep moving forward until you find what you demanded in your mission. There are 6 game levels, every game level is difficult than previous game levels.


In this shooting robot game there is lot of shooting everywhere, there are different game levels in this street fight of robots. This robotic street fight is worth watching, this robotic street fight is going to held between zombie robots and robot shooter. The name of zombie robots is not because they eat humans but they kill the human that is why these evil robots are named as zombie robots. While robot shooters are manmade; men developed these robot shooters to cope with these alien robots. These zombie robots in this robotic street fight game are alien robots, they came from other world and these zombie robots are wishing to take the charge of our planet. This robot strike force against robotic fight in this robot game is the reason this robot game is going to be so addictive. Let me tell you that this robotic fight in this shooting robot game is with other robot strike force. You might have played other shooting game but this robot shooting in this robotic fight game is worth participating. In this robotic fight the opponent are not humans but the alien robots from other world. The robot force that will fight in robotic fight is consisting on real robots who are savior of this planet earth.


Robotic warfare begins when the robot machines from the sky came to this planet and wished to hold the charge of earth. After this there are lot of shooting robots from the sky came here and start destroying the peace of earth. Then after sometime the robotic army of humans start fighting against them. The human army has made the robot machine just to fight against these shooting robots coming from outer world. In this robotic warfare game there are shooting robots wish to destroy the peace of humans so humans has decided to have combat robotic fight, they designed these robotic machines for this purpose. You must participate in this holy fight of aliens and robots to eliminate all aliens. Now these evil robots and alien robots have come here to hold the charge of earth, this is the time to save the earth, you are a robot shooter you can destroy all these alien robots within seconds by using your full robotic force. Your robotic force is more powerful than any other robotic force.


In this robot tanks game there is a tank war between robots of this earth and robots of outer world. These two kinds of robots will fight with each other by using their robot tanks, basically these robots tanks are not ordinary tanks these robots tanks are actually machine robots. You know these machine robots in this robot tanks game are self intelligent. These machine robots can find their robot enemies and can shoot these evil robots right after seeing them. Robot tanks in this tank war of robots are made to guard this planet earth from the alien robots. These robotic machines in this robotic warfare game are quite skilled in shooting and killing. That is why these robot machines are commonly known as robot killer or robot shooters. These robot machines in this robotic warfare game are strong enough to shoot these shooting robots and fight with robo shooters. No matter how strong these shooting robots from other planets are but with fine strategy and plan of robot machines they can be defeated.


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