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Mr. Drive Runner – race under the meteor shower


You lived peacefully on a flat planet, planted sheep, rabbits and cows.
You collected A bunch of fancy cars and one boat.
But then the meteor shower started and everything…

Hop into one of your racing cars and go ahead to save what is acquired though the hard labour.
Endless race – nothing new for the rider.
Maneuver among the obstacles, pick up animals on the roof, on the next seat and in the trailer!
Send them on a rocket to a safe place on the next planet or to your favorite uncle.

Call friends for help, because a race with a friend is better than a race with time. Go ahead or rather Go around in circles!

* A lot of fast cars. Why so many? Firstly it’s a collection. Secondly, the rabbit wants to be rescued only on a scooter, and the cow is placed only in a tank or a huge jeep
* Powerful, intuitive and progressive controls. Checked by a cat – one finger can get acceleration, invulnerability and avoid obstacles.
* Two players on one screen. Who will be more useful? There will always be someone to quarrel after the accident.
* Lowpoly 3D isn’t a pixelart! On a flat planet, players thunder out “3D graphics!”
* Collect all the pets. We don’t even know how many of them all.
* Take a ride on different routes. Forest, snow or desert – our races all the same!
* UFO flew to help you, it remains only to negotiate the price
* Based on the original offline game “За Рулем”

Absolutely new and revolutionary runner. Free race on the pixel world.Wheels on Wheel is a new endless race in a circle, the perfect time killer!

Now this is not just a race for survival, but also an opportunity to compete with a friend. Playing together with a friend on one screen has never been as interesting as it is now!

Run fast and fearlessly, survive in the arena, bypass obstacles and collect points! Open up new racing cars. Become the best in the overall ranking!

The game is available tuning machines: new colors for painting, unique skins. Race Wheels on Wheel offers many opportunities for emphasizing your personality and unique car.

One-finger control is now available!


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