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My Oasis – Growing Heavenly Island Game


My Oasis is designed to give warm comfort to the player. It will be a wonderful gift for you, tired from the hard world.

■ Game description
As the level of the oasis increases, the terrain changes and new elements such as trees and animals emerge. You can also play music codes to interact with various objects in the game.
For example, it can change the climate of snow or rain, or make night and daybreaks.

■ Interacting with notes playing
Click on the musical note icon on the animal or plant head to hear the note. Remember that note and follow it straight away to get reward.

■ My Oasis is an important music game. Please play with the headphones tightly.

■ Various treasures
– There are various treasures in My Oasis. Collect all of them.
– Each treasure has special features to help you play.
– You can acquire or upgrade treasures with pieces of memory.
– I can get a piece of memory through adventure or reset.

■ TIP !!
– The first expansion of the oasis terrain is level 250.
– You can enjoy watching an oasis while flying by pressing the eye view mode button.
– Obtain the treasure as a piece of memory. Each treasure has a special function.
– When you rotate the camera, it is better to swipe gently.
– If the gameplay is slow, try removing the shadows from the options.


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