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This app checks for your device’s USB on-the-go OTG compatibility. USB OTG is a specification that allows you device to connect to other USB devices such as flash drives and hard drives. This app is an essential tool for checking if your device has such feature and specification.

My USB OTG is also an essential app for generating essential device info of your device. some essential information generated include;

*Subscriber ID
*Dual SIM compatibility
*Operating System
*Battery Capacity
*Memory Capacity

IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity. it is a unique identifier of your mobile device that can be used by a network to identify a valid device. IMEI is a unique identifier that can be used by a network to stop a stolen phone from accessing the network. This app is essential for generating your device IMEI for you to see. It also generates dual IMEI for dual SIM phones.

My USB OTG is a great app for viewing your subscriber ID. The device info generated by this app is very accurate.

My USB OTG allows you to check mobile phones specifications offline with ease and without error. Mobile phone specifications data provided by this app are accurate and reliable.

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