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Mystery Dungeon Roguelike RPG Game


This is a Roguelike adventure role-playing game which features classic Roguelike elements such as dungeon, questing, building and mining.

In the deep cavern, there lies a mysterious dungeon. Adventurers from all over the world gather here for countless treasures and thrilling adventures. Greed, fear, courage and strategy, are all possessed by the immortal legends of heroes.

– Roguelike RPG with randomly-generated map
– Featuring classic Roguelike elements, such as dungeon crawl, exploration, mining and smithing.
– Crafting system, gather all kinds of resources and build them into useful items
– Smithing system, to build weapons and gears
– Digging system, find rare items in random maps
– Leveling system, distribute points to power up your character
– Costume system, get different looks with different gears
– Use a variety of items to boost the fun
– Vintage pixel art and tile-based graphics
– Stay tuned for more

* Tips
– Finding the key in each stage grants you access to the next stage
– Make fire to get more foods
– Always check out the bushes

– Some bugs fixed.
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