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NEON Spaceships Game


You will need grit, a composure and careful planning to fly NEON Spaceships in outer space and collect crystals.

The danger is out there – the loaded machine gun and force field will help you. Remember that you could never have enough ammunition, two guns are better than one, three engines are better than two. It’s not worth explaining why you need shield generators. All you need is crystals, beware of asteroids, meteors and comets, destroy them. Save your ammo, dodge asteroids and meteors.

Be careful with a comet – it could haunt you until it crashes into anything or be destroyed. What crystals are for? You could upgrade the equipment of your Spaceship, and after getting enough amount of crystals you could buy the improved and more maneuverable Spaceship. But first you should prove that you could manage it.

Get your hangar filled with NEON Spaceships, choose whatever ship you want and head up to space to find more crystals.

Added a stage of learning when entering the game (to help in mastering control).
Improved “protection” – now it does not react to an asteroid that flies past the spaceship, even if it flies very close.
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