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Ninja Hop Game


Hop through exciting dungeons while you try to grab the gems with your spring ninja for free !

Test your climbling skills while dodging all the spikes and enemies trying to prevent you from escaping the dungeons and a cool endless mode !

With your hopping talent, unlock new awesome characters with the gems you grab.

Challenge your friends and yourself in the infinite hop mode !


Nothing’s easier, tap to jump with your ninja (several times), climb by avoiding obstacles and win !

It’s not like the others ninja games, from the start you will have to show your climbing skills by jumping. It will not be easy, but you can do it!


● Dungeons Mode (levels) : Hop from dungeons to dungeons to be the first to reach the last level and grab some gems !
● Endless Mode (Classic): Hop to infinity and try to beat the best distance by jumping
● Black Mode : Try to dodge obstacles by jumping with the light off !
● Unlock awesome characters with your grab gems !
● Remove Ads
● Leaderboard for challenge your friends


● Reverse Mode : Return your brain by jumping backwards ! The best way to play with your friends !
● Ninja hop game loading faster
● Secret Dungeons

What are you waiting for?

This climbling game is for you and your friends ! Challenge them now, it’s free !

But try to keep calm for your mobile 🙁


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