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Off – Road Pickup Truck Simulator Game


Off road Pickup Truck Simulator a terrific Truck Driving game. Drive the new pick-up cargo-truck like a super hero but very carefully because luggage is on the back of pick-up in this game. If you are ready than put your hands on big steering and be the professional off-road truck’s driver and become the best carrier of the goods. This will take you to the next levels and simulate the beautiful off-roads driver game experience. Try not to damage your cargo-truck.

Start your pick-up engine and race against the time to become the 4×4 champion. Your mission is to transport barter luggage cargo’s from start to your destination, but you have to be careful, so you don’t lose it while driving’s on extremely dangerous mountain roads etc. Tighten your seat belt and take your trucks, cargo’s, 4×4 vehicles on uphill tracks. Drive through rocky path is quite difficult as well as amazing. Move swiftly as pro truck driver on difficult turns in each level and examine your jeeps driving-skills with this Off road Pickup jeeps Simulator.

Pick up the different cargo from checkpoints and deliver it to their areas. While climbing hill with loaded cargo trucks you must take sharp turns slowly with great precision. Paths are difficult to drives but you can handle this job with your perfect skills. You must be careful about impossible tracks drive while loading goods on this big rig simulation. In each level there are several challenging missions for you.

You’ll be drives across off road locations of the simulators and transport a lot of vehicles. Enjoy 4×4 wheel trucking on speed roads. Be the best highway traffic racer by competing with thousands of expert drivers. If you bump into the barrel, then whole jeep will be blown. Avoid losing and falling any cargo box or else your mission will be lost. Become the most wanted trucker Parker and practice your intercontinental country driving’s every day with the many tasks that await you.

In this we simulate various levels with various location, all you must do is to cross bad weather, mud puddles, climb ramps, cross narrow trench and pass over log bridges and other various obstacles. These bumpy roads really test your skill as the main challenge for the user is to don’t let the barrels drop of the jeep. While driving’s be careful on bumpy roads. To drives safely on dangerous paths, decrease the speed of the vehicle at turns and curves. Don’t over speed otherwise you may lose the level. If you are a master of parking, then park them carefully.

Compete against the world of racing games with Global score; the more skidding done by and more points you earn. Check out the career mode of this jeep simulators, make money, purchase new trucks and upgrades, explore the trucking world! Challenge your friends with the online multiplayer mode. Besides enjoying this simulation, you will get diverse types of challenges! Pass levels to unlock more vehicles and Become the Master of this simulation games. Proof yourself a worthy hill driver that can precision drove these big rig vehicles to the destination.

Hope you will like this app and leave comment and your feedback. Your feedback is important for us to improve gaming play. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve, please share them with us, we will try our best to improve gaming in the future updates.

Game Features:
*Steering Wheel, Buttons and Tilting control with clutch systems.
*Use the camera settings to choose the most convenient view for driving.
*Heavy vehicle Driving Simulation with Smooth Steering & Hydraulic Brakes.
*Drove with precision and accuracy like a pro.
*Easy to use interface.
*High quality backgrounds and smooth controls.
*Multiplayer Mode and Career Mode.
*Realistic 3D graphics and massive countryside area to explore.
*Free to play game specially designed for Android devices.
*Drove different 4×4 truckers to race, park and transport.
*Enjoy multiple cargo like cylinders, drums and woods transfer missions.


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