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Peek Launcher (Beta)

? A dead-simple app that just works – Phone Arena

Smart predictions
Using state of the art machine learning, Peek Launcher suggests the apps you’re most likely to use based on where you are and what you’re doing. Peek launcher learns from your behavior and only gets smarter the longer you use it.

Launch anything
Unlike your current launcher, Peek Launcher can contain all your content without turning into a cluttered mess. Add all your contacts, favorite websites, shortcuts to actions inside apps, folders, files,… Peek Launcher will still look as clean as the day it was born.

Super fast search
With the persistent numeric keyboard, anything you want to launch is no more than a few quick taps away. You’ll never have to remember where you placed that one app again.

Automatic theming
True to Material Design principles, Peek Launcher grabs the colors from your wallpaper and adapts itself accordingly. Every wallpaper gives the launcher a new look. If thats not enough you can also go in and customize the colors yourself.

Built-in Google search
With simple gestures, Peek Launcher googles better than Google. Just drag down on your homescreen to start a search. No need to awkwardly change your thumb position to reach that search bar.

– Bugfixes and Improvements
– New feature: One-Hand mode, launch any app easily with just one hand. Tap to launch first result, drag to access any result.
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