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Pipes Game – Free Puzzle for adults & kids


Pipes is a simple and exciting free puzzle game for adult & kids. The gameplay is easy to learn – you just need to lay out pipes on the game board. But easy to learn doesn’t mean there’s no challenge. We added unique game mechanics to make this game a masterpiece in the plumber puzzle games genre.

If you enjoy games like Plumber or Pipelines or Flow Free – then our game Pipes will be a worthy addition to your collection of puzzles.

Game features and unique mechanics:
– unique story missions
– portrait game board orientation
-lots of different pipe elements
-fixed position pipes
-broken pipes that need to be fixed
-pipes with fixating elements
-wrenches and couplings
-lots of other interesting things!

We created amazing themes so you could not only solve plumber puzzles but could also enjoy exquisite style made by our designer team.

Mission “City”

This is the first part of the game where you come is as a skilled plumber. Dozens of buildings, hospitals, offices, schools and thousands of private apartments need to be connected to water supply. Are you up to the challenge? Let’s get going!

Mission “Factory”

Old pipes are getting rusty and fall apart. Build new pipelines to get the factory running again! Dozens and hundreds of challenges to solve to lay out the pipeline for the entire factory.

Mission “Elevators”

We had a fine harvest of grains this year. It is stored in modern elevators. Your task is to create a pipeline to load the grain into train cars.

Mission “Oil Field”

Oil derrick is a complex piece of hardware with tens and hundreds of pipelines. Creating such pipelines require highest plumber skills. But we think you’re up to the task.
Our game requires some logical skills. Because player will have to plan every move. Imagine and create own way of laying out the pipeline. Game will be much enjoyed by players that like puzzle games. Especially plumber puzzles. This is a game for kids and adults, for the entire family.

Pipes game is a perfect app for people that like to test their brain skills. People that like brain games and like to train their brain and logic

improved UI
new levels
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