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Pirate Ship Craft Exploration – Sea Battles Games Game


Explore the ocean, build raiding castles, wage epic ship battles, board and capture your enemies! Sail under the black flag and become the pirate king! Master the pirate craft!

Best pirate games – boarding, burning and plundering!
Sailing ships and boats
Become a feared ship captain
Craft the means for your survival in the sea
Exploration of an endless open world
Realistic pirate ship simulator
Amazing pirate treasures

Sail under the black flag! The world is your oyster when you’re a pirate, the search for treasures is the reason for all of that ocean sailing and naval sea battles. Maybe you’ll even become one of the few pirates who actually retire during their lives? You’ll have to find out in this pocket edition (PE) piracy game!

Explore an endless open world of islands and seas. Discover new lands, wage war with other ship captains, mine and craft bases. Pirates fighting games don’t get any better than that!
Build shelters on the islands to survive. This is also a building game – you can create block houses, cities, castles and fortresses! Crafting and building is limited only by your imagination. Who says that a pirate has to spend all of his life on a sail ship? Become a lord of your own island den, keep all of your jewels and gold buried there! Just remember – only dead men tell no tales, so make sure that nobody makes a treasure map leading to your spoils!

This is easily one of the best pirate games for boys and girls! Sailing a ship and building stuff in creative mode, pirate fighting games in the survival mode – all of it is the ultimate game for players of all ages!

Exploration in the lite of the day will lead you to many epic sea battles. Ships and boats will shoot with craft cannons, captains will fight with each other, the action will know no limits in this free pirate crafting and building game!

Become a pirate in the Caribbean islands – the most beautiful seas in the world await!

Turn your name into a sea legend and become the pirate king! Make your place in the world, craft your own history as you burn and plunder through the golden age of piracy! Download and play one of the top pirate games of 2017.


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