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Pirates Stealth Mission Tale Game


Get ready to embark on a quest, a crazy journey in this adventure filled free to play action stealth survival strategy game. Play the role of a hero pirate captain who sail under the black skull flag in his huge pirate warfare war ship in this free adventure action stealth strategy survival game. This game is a true simulation of pirates and their time. Enjoy the action filled strategy stealth adventure game play in an immersive 3D eventful environment. You are the explorer of the oceans & seas like Caribbean & the best treasure hunter, always on a pirate quest & searching for gold & pearls.

This search for treasure has led you to enemy’s island on a new quest, in search of a treasure map. You have a sparrow pet and your sparrow pet have spotted the treasure map for you. A map to a treasure chest on an island somewhere in the Caribbean full of gold & pearls. You as the hero pirate captain will have to get the map to get to the treasure chest. You have sailed various oceans & seas since you were a child. You have fought wars against other pirate warfare warships. You have won numerous battles & have been a war prisoner but that didn’t stop you from being the hero pirate captain you are today. You are skilled & fearless. You have escaped jail & you are capable of breaking out of any prison you are put in. It’s time for you now to strategize a plan & go for the treasure map to get your hand on the ultimate treasure chest full of gold & pearls. Land on enemy’s island full of security guards equipped with modern weapons & guns, shooters & different security parameters. Strategy & stealth is the key to success on this pirate quest.

The island & treasure map has kept in high security. So expect a lot of security guards equipped with modern weapons & guns, various different security setups & shooters. Be ready for some serious action because getting your hands on the map won’t be easy. The guards won’t allow you to get to the map & take it. You’ll have to plan & strategize in order to get the map. You’ll have to pick locks to unlock doors & go through all of gun shooting. Plan your quest & use strategy & stealth to your advantage. Move quietly and kill enemy guards. Take their weapons & use them to kill the enemy guards & shooters. Your aiming & shooting skills are going to help you in this quest. Use strategy & stealth moves, modern weapons & guns & all your war, combat, fighting & shooting skill to successfully complete your pirate quest. Gain the map & hunt for the ultimate treasure chest full of gold & pearls to be the best captain & a hero pirate.

Minor bugs fixed. Improve controls and reliability.
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