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Real Demolition Derby Game


We present to you the best derby game of the 2017 year Real Demolition Derby! Incredible battles, a unique arena, specially created for a variety of modes, many cars, different classes to your taste!

Features of our game:
– Unique 3 battle modes: classic survival demolition derby, hill climb king mode and battle with the boss:
The first mode is the classic demolition derby. Just survive To win!
The second is hill climb king. Grab the hill, prevent it from being grabbed others!
The third is the battle with the Monster Truck. This mode is for professionals. Here you will need to use all your skills and luck to survive and win.

– Two modes of controlling your car – using on-screen buttons or using an accelerometer, they are both simple and intuitive for the player.

– Completely realistic, unparalleled in detail, a model of damage to cars and the world. If you want to tear off the hood, the wheel or door, then you can do it. Then, with the help of parts detached from the enemy, you can hit them with another enemy!

– Artificial intelligence of enemys can not be distinguished from the actions of real racers!

– Cars that all fans of derby racing know and love! Choose any car for your taste from muscle-cars, SUVs and sports cars.

– Use nitrous oxide in time to cause more damage to your enemies! It is available immediately and on any vehicle!

– The boostometer allows you to understand how powerful your car is at this moment.

– Magnificent photorealistic graphics and special effects, worthy of Hollywood.

– Physics is like the real. Earth, as you are accustomed to, is at the bottom!

– At your choice there is a huge tuning system, which allows you to customize your wreckage as you want!

– Cognitive effects! A well-designed particle system, realistic shadows, correct reflections, volumetric smoke.

– A well-designed system of player rewards. Perform beautiful tricks, make drift and get extra points!

– Perfect game optimization so you can enjoy the game on any of your devices! Whether it’s a tablet, phone, smartphone or smart TV.

– Wide range of game settings, for your convenience.

-Unique soundtrack and realistic sounds.

-We do not have donate and built-in purchases, everything can be earned with our own efforts.


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