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Real Drift Car Racer Game


Real Drift Car Racer
New generation of car racing games Real Drift Car Racer 2017 is the most realistic 3D drift racing simulation on mobile devices, and yet easy to control and fun to play. One of the best car drifting games Get ready to drive high performance cars turbo or naturally aspirated and make them drift at high speed in tracks designed specifically for drift racing.
Improve your racing and drifting skills and earn virtual money to tune and customize your car.
Race to battle the world record of the leaderboard or just for fun in the freeride mode. THE MOST WANTED DRIFT GAME 2017
Race and drift in a big city, zooming around curves and between lanes along with top racers! Join in this fantastic drag racing, get into your speed car and get the motor to go. Racing with different transport tools, feeling the best speed of racing Drift, drag and crash the way, smash your way to collect the boosters, pick up special car model to change it, stay ahead of your friends! If you like turbo car racing 2017 game, Real Drift Car Racer is your best choice.
Cars can be customized with a wide range of paint, rims, brake calipers and interior trims just like a real car drift. Collect more gold coins to customize your drift car. Be the unique landscape in the city race.

Real Drift Car Racer Control
Tilt device to control direction. More convenient!
Tap buttons to control direction. More classic!

– Real Drift Car Racer gives you a unique experience in the handling of sport cars by the simple and the intuitive way
– If you like to drift, get ready to spend many hours playing this game
– Use separate handbrake button to start drifting
– Paint donuts burning tires
– Animation of the deep smoke while drifting

The Most Realistic Mobile Drift Racing Game Ever
– Insane feeling of powerful sport cars
– Unique driving on different surfaces – asphalt, grass, sand, rain, snow
– Racing on high detailed tracks
– You can customize your handling scheme
– Original engine sound for every car
– Simulated turbo sound and the blow off valve!
– You can select different setups for every car – Ral Drift, Turbo, Racing, Drift,
– You can change color of your car and discs
– Live cameras and replays


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