Real Fingerprint Lock Prank app


Real Fingerprint Lock Prank is an awesome screen lock app which unlocks your phone by simulating to scan your fingerprint. The amazing fingerprint graphics and wonderful scan animation make it professional and funny. There are brilliant and beautiful wallpapers provided to decorate your screen to the best.

Surprise everyone! Fingerprint Lock Prank is the perfect prank to play on friends and family!
Real Fingerprint Lock Prank perfectly simulates the real fingerprint lock! It is a fun security tool for those who love practical jokes!
Fingerprint Lock Prank is easy to use! Just launch the app and you are ready to go! Enable the home screen Fingerprint Lock to lock your phone. When your friends try to unlock they won’t be able to! But you can just tap on the right side of the scanning area and then scan your finger and your phone will unlock!
You can also customize this lock scanner with your own picture! Your friends will never get to know the trick and will leave them wondering. With Fingerprint Lock Prank lock and unlock your phone simulating fingerprint recognition.

How to Unlock
Press and hold your finger on the scanning panel for 3 seconds.
• Realistic fingerprint scanner, great graphics.
• Realistic fingerprint scanner that simulate fingerprint reader to identify your identity.
• Professional looking and works with all HD the devices.
• Display the date and time as iPhone iOS lock screen style.
• Multiple settings like vibrate, sound, time formation
• Wonderful fingerprint scanning animation.
• More than 10 brilliant and beautiful wallpapers are provided.
• Support slide to unlock screen.
• Shows digital clock, date and time.
• Multiple settings like background wallpaper, vibrate, sound, date format, sliding text etc.
Please know that this app this app is intended to simulate a fingerprint scanner and Android phone don’t have this feature yet. It’s obvious that phone screen cannot be used as a bio-metric fingerprint scanner for now. This technology has to be supported from hardware level. This is not a secure replacement for a real lock screen and is not for security purposes. This Fingerprint lock screen is designed for entertainment purposes only. It is a trick to unlock your phone and you can use it to prank your friends!


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