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Revolution Modern Warfare Game


It is an unprincipled period in which people suffer from the chaos of war. It is a unscrupulous world where anyone can achieve ambitions.

When a world is decadent, there must be a new order to redefine it, that we called this is revolution. Prospecting and collecting resource to strengthen your own military-city, building corps to make your power. Then you can change the world by your conquer and justice.

In this game, you can play as a traditional SLG in cosmopolitan continent, and you can also play by joining a serial of military action that includes TPS and FPS mode. When you play the warlord, you will play with millions of other players, like the real war, you should make tactics aggressively or friendly, and every your decision will affect the situation of world. As you play the commander, you should make a special team to complete mission, such as assault, rescue or snipping. There is hundreds of diversity champions wait for your recruit, they are commanders of troops and they can be the members of a commando. With champions’ special attribute and technique, you will make the personalized armies.

Whether you want is peace or fight, law or chaos, break the old world by your power, victory and revolution!

1. Map Change.
2. New User Guide.
3. PVE Mission II
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