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Run Run Roy Game


“No Man Is an Island, But That Monkey Sure Is Fast!”
– John Donne, Devotions upon Emergent Occasions.

Welcome to Run Run Roy™!
Blazing Fast Acrobatic Arcade Monkey Action (and more descriptors too!).

Escape the volcano and it’s relentless Firebeings in Roy’s all new getaway adventure!

– The classic endless runner arcade formula enhanced by a diverse moveset.
– Jump, Slide, Kong and Glide. Roy’s core moves provide rich gameplay.
– Complete missions on your way to the top score and unlock several cosmetics.
– Execute tight “perfect” combos and receive bonus fruit-money.
– Keep an eye out for the dazzling “Golden Gear” power-ups.
– Blaze through multiple luscious areas, Firebeings always at your toes!

Not long after the events of “Fly Fly Roy”, a heart-wrecking episode, comes the next installment of our little monkey’s grand escape.
Roy has already outmatched the rising magma of the active volcano, home of the Firebeings, but this time their boss himself has taken to the chase!

Run past all sorts of obstacles on your way out of the Firebeing Kingdom and score some fruity points while at it. But beware, the boss is after you, too many mistakes and you’ll pay the price.
Will this chase ever end?


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