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Scary Haunted House Adventure Horror Survival Game


Play Scary Haunted House Adventure game, feel the thrilling experience of Horror Survival game. The evil within this scary haunted house adventure is a crack attack of surprises and haunted mysteries. Be a part of the horror survival escape in scary haunted house adventure with terrifying neighbor residence. In the small town of Gloom Ville used to be a town stuffed with abnormal activities. Glooms Ville was soon overcome by paranormal evil activities, and the town’s population had to vacate their homes and leave the town. Billy is an undisputed expert in the field of paranormal science, and has been sent to eliminate all the evil of Gloom Ville in scary haunted house adventure of horror survival. Two other scientists, Jason and Christopher, Billy prepared his equipment and headed for Glooms Ville in this Scary Haunted House Adventure game. Billy, Jason, and Chris are unaware of the dangers that await them in this horror survival game, but they are well equipped to protect themselves. This game is specially designed for scary haunted house survival escape game lovers filled with horror adventure. Download now Scary Haunted Adventure on android store and enjoy this real Horror Survival game.

Are you ready to face the fear of the unknown in this epic evil ghost killer scary haunted house adventure? Billy and his team have reached the town of Glooms Ville in this horror survival game, drive around town look for best place to set up their base for operations. Billy see a ghost picks his weapon and eliminate it. Defend against small group of ghost as a real hero in horror survival mission. Billy asks Chris to stay at base manage operation in this scary haunted house adventure, He take Jason with him to visit that location where ghost found in beginning in this horror survival game. There they witness a new ghost. Billy went back to base to check the clues the previously found. Ghosts then attack the basecamp; Jason tests his throw able weapons on them as real hero. Billy build new powerful weapon for him to kill these vicious ghosts in scary haunted house adventure. This deadly weapon is strong enough to destroy them in single shot. Go to town and eliminate all evil ghosts and win the horror survival mission. Chris informs Billy that base is under attack he goes back to base to eliminate all the ghosts. There the found the leader of ghost wing in town. Ghost gang attack Billy while leader gets away with her supernatural powers. Billy and his team need to find that evil super power source to destroy it and win the horror survival game missions. They found that ghost leader generating these ghosts with her evil infinite powers. Eliminate all of them and find the leader. The leader replicates her self and forces Billy to fight. He manages to reduce all duplicates and finds the leader in a weakened state and finishes her off thus saving the town in this Scary Haunted House Horror Survival gameplay.

Game Features
Marvelous & Amazing 3D Horror Survival Environment
Easy & Smooth Controls to Freely Roam & Destroy the Evil Ghosts Plans
Extreme Challenging Scary Haunted House Adventure to Win Over your Fear
Use Pulse Wave Bomb against Alert Ghost so they get Confuse Inside the Waves
Fires a Beam with Cannon and Fires a Beam with Plasma Disintegrator to vanish them in one goes
Restricts Ghost Movement, Damages them & Extracts their Dark Energy with Vortex Proton Phaser
Fires Balls to Eliminate with Anti Matter Cannon & Use Phantom Electron Bomb to Disperse Ghosts


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