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Sci-Fi Panzer Battle War of DIY Tank Game


DIY a Sci-Fi panzer to battle with other DIY Sci-Fi panzer or alien in war by collecting components and chips.

Different kinds of Sci-Fi panzer is not only the shape of different forms of operation and characteristics are also different.

Drive your DIY Sci-Fi tank for war to crash your enemy.

Hundreds of years later,The earth’s resources are exhausted,The government’s fall.The earth is in chaos.People split into many tribes,and waged war for the capture of resources.
One day there is another planet has been found which full of resources and able to reach.All tribes are fought for colonization for war.Then there is a new war in the new planet for the colonization.In this cruel world,the only way to survive is to fought with the other tribes colonist and the alien creatures in battle.The Environmental of the new land is not very fit for human life.So the best way to win this war is to use the existing technology to research and development a DIY Sci-Fi panzer or tank to fought in battle.

You are used to be an outstanding engineer.Now it is a chance to create your legend.Use you knowledge to create and DIY a powerful Sci-Fi panzer or Tank to conquer the war.To use the components and chips by collecting in the battle of war to Improvement your DIY Sci-Fi panzer or Tank.And when you defeat other DIY Sci-Fi panzer in the battle you can learn the drawing form it,Then you can research and development more models of component to DIY your Sci-Fi panzer or Tank.


▣ 3000+ different combinations for Sci-Fi Tank.
▣ 120 + Campaign missions with comprehensive levels.
▣ 20 + Elite missions with Boss levels.
▣ Expedition and Bounty missions to challenge for everyday.
▣ Challenge other Player Sci-Fi Tank’s AI.
▣ Collection of drawings,chips and upgrade skills to make your Sci-Fi tanks powerful.

Adjust numeric value.
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