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ShoGun Dungeons Game



Long ago,
there was a country governed by the SHO-GUN in the sky towering castle.

But one day,
the era of long-lasting peace suddenly ended.

The SHO-GUN sold his soul to the DEVIL,
and dark clouds began looming over the world.

Before long, demons manipulated by the SHO-GUN began to attack people. The SHO-GUN was trying to collect their spirits, so called “MABUI” to enhance his own power.

But there was hope.
A boy who miraculously escaped stood up to the danger.

This game is about the adventure of this boy.

Let’s get back the “MABUI” and beat the SHO-GUN together!!


– Roguelike gameplay with 50+ equipments

– Cool stylized low poly, very unique graphics!

-Japanese characters like Samurai, Ninja, Oni,
and Shogun appear in this game

-Kawaii and cute characters designed

-But, It became a little boring game system…
Please click ads in game for updating systems!


This game may show black screen on boot. (Android Oreo 8.0.)
In that case, please try to manage or check app permissions.
So, do not deny app permissions.

Finally our first game app was released.
Please download and enjoy this game!
Thank you!
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