Silage Transporter Tractor Game


Welcome to Farm Silage Transporter Tractor!
In this Silage Transporter edition of Farm Tractor 3D you’ll learn how to drive with a tractor and trailer; how to make silage with silage processing machine and load silage using fork lifter. Driving Tractor and trailer on cliffy and mountainous roads need a lot of driving skills, you have to know the length of your combination, and otherwise you will collide into obstacles. In all levels you’ll learn the basics of driving and farming techniques. To finish the transportation level you first have to attach the trolley, to do that follow the arrows. After you’ve attached the trailer you have to park your tractor and trailer by following the yellow arrows.

Silage processing
Plants cutting & Bale making
No need for extra baler, one machine function
Realistic environment
3D Farm animals like cows
Crop fields and farm vehicles
Realistic physics
Multiple camera views


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