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Smart Cooler – Phone Cooler & CPU Temp Controller


Wise Cooler — Phone Much cooler & CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT Temp Control is a PROCESSOR temperature diagnosis app. This controls the operations of apps that heat up the CPU, to lessen CPU usage and cool off your gadget.

Product shows:

Heat-generating Application Detection
All of us use the original detection technology to precisely discover which applications are running without your knowledge and applying too much of your CPU.

One-Tap Cooling
Having a single faucet, you can easily control the procedures of heat-generating apps and minimize the usage of the device’s COMPUTER.

Novel Style
You have by no means seen many of these a simple and stylish function user interface. We have engineered understandable pictures to show regular and irregular CPU statuses. You will really like them!

Why exactly should I worry about my phone’s CPU heat?
Certain applications on your telephone keep utilizing the background, so that your CPU is usually being used a higher rate. This kind of causes the CPU to heat up and slows down mobile phone operations.


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