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Star Raid (Free) Game


It is an era of space exploration…

The aliens known as ‘Zekeroc’ have suddenly appeared and have begun to attack the human race. The humans have decided to ally and thus began an endless war with the Zekeroc. The war is unpredictable, humanity has suffered many losses, with few planets left inhabitable.
You are now the commander of the spaceship that is to end this bloody war and achieve victory!


Bug Fixed
– Showed mission complete window after changing language
– Reward is not display some times
– Remove dalton touch space in mission 6
– Can’t send mail to developer
– Remove valkyrie’s flagship property
– Allies unit has sight too
– Attack range of mine will show yellow
– TP showed in Upgrade window
Fixed bug – Can’t see any unit in mission 1
Shield regen value change : HeavyFrigate 2.75—>1.25 Destroyer 0—-> 2
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