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Strategic battle simulator 17 plus


If you can use best strategies to arrange and place your army then no one can defeat you in any battle!
It’s time to learn the best tactics to choose and place your armed forces.

This amazing battle simulator game will take you in a war arena where you will place and arrange your soldiers and tanks for combat. We just want you to win by using strategies.

Strategic battle Simulator 17+ has two interesting modes. In Practice mode, you can learn how to select and place your soldier and tanks. By choosing both armies by yourself, you will learn the best strategies and placements of soldiers and tanks for victory.

After learning placements of your military, jump into its single player mode. Choose and organize your defense force wisely.
Do you think you can win this battle!!
Let’s play and prove!

Strategic battle Simulator 17+ features:
Amazing Battle Environment!
High Quality 3D Graphics!
Realistic Explosive Sounds!
Smooth and Easy Controls!
Unlimited Ammunition!
Powerful Tanks and Commanding Soldiers!


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