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Strike Gate Game



11 NEW PUCKS, each with unique traits!
The new pucks have enhanced speed, power and can even grant extra lives!
Use these special abilities to your advantage and clear new stages in style!

Get SP by playing Endless mode or Mission mode to buy the new pucks!


Strike Gate is an exhilarating, new kind of 3D game!

The controls are simple: just drag your finger to launch the puck!

Find the perfect shot angle and hit the targets into the goal to win, but remember you have a limited number of tries!

☆ Play through magical areas with a variety of objects and obstacles!
☆ When you clear a stage, the number of remaining lives is your final score, so try to win in as few tries as possible.

☆ Every stage gets progressively harder! Just one mistake can spell disaster!
☆ How long will you withstand the increasing pressure of Endless mode?

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