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Super Adventure Of Smash Bros game


In a beautiful sunny day dark clouds appear in the sky and suddenly lightning shines. bowser and wicked and kidnap people of the village and all of them survive super mario appears.
Then carries the responsibility to save the people of his village.

– Smash Bros need help to complete his journey, and pass all 80 levels .
– Use the virtual controller on the screen to control Player.
You can run, jump and fight with many enemies.

– Play this game, return to your wonderful memories of childhood, with super smash bros ,Swing in the air. A rope, and the collection, coin , jump on enemies and gain strength.

– If you like games like super mario , Leps world 2 , super oscar , cowboys , ninja , games for kids , subway …. The game can bring your childhood memories when you play smash , and other games platform on your retro console.

How to play ?:
• Left and right arrows to move left or right
• Arrow down to go inside the pipe to the bonus level where you can find lots of coins
• Button to run faster or firing
• Button to skip character .

This free game has great features:
• Nice HD graphics
• Beautiful effects
• 6 boss fight in 8 worlds
• Games can bring back your memories when you play game classic .


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