Super Dr Car Parking Free


Get ready for real adventure with Prado parking mania in 2017. On the start of 2017 internees’ games studio bring for you a real adventure with Prado parking and driving with ultimate parking. Let us drive Prado and park it in shopping mall and super market underground halls and on multi story parking garage. In this Prado parking mania you will find some where complex parking and need master parking skill in traffic parking and avoid hurdles and hit any vehicles in traffic. There are many sharp turns and close hurdles and close pass in traffic in this ultimate car parking game 2017. If you are a good heavy driver than this Prado car parking is really challenging for you. Drive your favorite 4×4 Prado jeep and especially added police car and Audi car in city traffic and park on parking spots. In starting parking levels are quite easy and simple parking just start and park in some distance but will be interesting and addictive when you play more and more. In starting it is practice of parking and finger grip on mobile screen for best parking in ultimate hard level parking.
How to play Prado car parking?
In this well-designed parking game, you have to choose your favorite parking car and drive it and become a fabulous car driver. In Prado parking choose your objective mission and drive car in parking area. During drive keep in mind your Prado car and other luxury vehicles do not hit cross any parking objects until you reach at target. Drive carefully on sharp turns and rounded parking zones and no need to hurry and drive car smoothly and use well use throttle button for forward and backward button. In this parking game, you will get well practice for forward and backward parking in any parking zone. After completion Prado parking game you will be able to park any vehicle in any parking area although it was heavy truck parking or police car parking in super market or in multistory parking plaza.
Key features of extreme Prado drive parking.
Nice multi story parking halls
Amazing car to drive in parking zone.
Realistic control for driving car with tilt, steering and UI button control.
Addictive game drive through cone and bricks and park in car line spot.


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