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Super Mega Death Tank Game


Command mankind’s ultimate weapon of mass destruction, the SUPER MEGA DEATH TANK, and destroy relentless waves of enemies in this frantic endless arcade shooter. Push on and on through enemy lines unlocking, collecting and combining ludicrously powerful power-ups to create the most devastating combat vehicle ever!

• Destroy everything in the path of the SUPER MEGA DEATH TANK and go as far as you can through enemy lines
• Jump, dash, aim and fire your way through this relentlessly frantic shooter!
• Crash down to obliterate the enemy and use super smash if you are feeling really mean
• 24 Power-Up Projects to develop end equip such insanely powerful weapons as multi-barrelled cannons, intense rapid-fire, devastating lasers, balloons, and tank shattering shockwaves!
• 16 unique enemy classes to obliterate from Lognose tanks to bulldozer tanks, landmines and helicopter gunships
• Unlock achievements and unlock medals from rampages to multiple kills, catching air or rapid fire fireball skills
• Move up the global rankings to be the king of SUPER MEGA DEATH TANKS or battle it out with friends for high score supremacy
• Rack up the kills in the endless ‘Score Attack Mode’ or push your battle front forward in ‘Conquer Mode’
• Activate MEGA BOOST to increase your firepower, intel and power up spawning
• Battle through Tankverpia and TankMountain and look out for new territories coming soon


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