Super Speed,Clean,Security-MAX App


MAX is a reliable anti virus security guard, a light phone booster, a fast junk cleaner, an All-in-One phone optimiser.
✔ Speed up your phone by memory boost
✔ Clean junk files to free space
✔ Kill battery draining apps to save battery power
✔ Maintain security with NO.1 anti virus engine certified by AV-TEST

???Getting stuck forever in game loading page? Running out of space and battery all the time? Virus and security issues always getting on your nerves?


*Highlight Features*

►Phone Booster

Phone Booster can speed up your phone by up to 50% by freeing memory and killing background tasks. You just need to tap one shortcut on your home screen and wait up to 5 seconds.

►Junk Cleaner

Junk Clean helps you free space by removing those useless files produced by the android system or some apps, which may occupy over 1GB of phone storage.

►Battery Saver

You can use this feature to extend battery life by up to 50 mins when in low power. It will also remind you when your battery is running low.


Provide you an reliable security solution. Automatically scan for malware in your ram and storage to keep information safer as a security app. The anti virus engine is certified by AV-TEST, auto updated every two or three days.

►App Locker

App Locker helps you lock private apps such as: What’s App, Facebook, Email, Message, Gallery, Contact so that nobody can see the content in the locked apps without a password.

►App Manager

Uninstall useless apps and remove apk files installed.

►Duplicate Photos

Scan all the similar photos, find the best one automatically and remove the others to free space.

►Game Booster

Automatically speed up game by 50% by memory boost, say bye-bye to lag!

►Notification Organizer

Put unwanted app notifications in MAX, never miss an important message.

►Smart Charging

Auto close power-draining apps when charging to prevent overheating and overcharging.


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