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Tank Battle 3D WWII Warfare Game


Drive your tank on the battlefield of WWII – join armored army in epic battle. Choose a side in this war and drive various tanks – WWII, panzer, sherman, T-34. Become a tank pilot, upgrade your war machine and enter the battlefield. Fight the battle with comrades – take your armored army to victory! Armored warfare unleashed in Tank Battle 3D!

Features of Tank Battle 3D:
– Battlefield of WWII
– Two sides: Germans and Allies
– Lots of tanks: Panzer, Tiger, Sherman, T-34 and more
– Tanks and crew upgrades
– Various game modes

Different battle modes!
Master tanks driving in tutorial. Join armored army on the battlefield of WWII in story mode. Fight custom battle in battlefield mode. Experience armored warfare of WWII as it is! Chose your side – Germans or allies, each with its own tanks, like panzer, sherman, T-34 and more. Fight war battle with your armored army!

Upgrade tanks and crew!
In battle, you need every edge. Use what the armored army has to offer for war – upgrade tanks and crew. Make the most of the tanks of your nation – choose panzer, sherman, T-34 or others add all advantages of WWII warfare for success in the battlefield. Turn your tanks to ultimate battle machines!

WWII battles!
Join the armored army and plunge into warfare of WWII! Take to war various tanks of Woral War II – from panzer and sherman to T-34. Fight each tank battle like soldiers of old in Tank Battle 3D. Master the art of war with an armored army and become the best tank driver on the battlefield!

Fight armored tanks in battle, drive panzer, sherman, T-34 and other war machines of WWII! Armored warfare awaits!

Challenge your friends!
Multiplayer mode arrives with this update, find out who is the best tank pilot in 8v8 team battles!
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