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Tribal Raft A Far Ride Game


In Tribal Raft: A Far Ride, you control… Krøhm! This rustic caveman did not forget his style and tends a little too much to abuse of the Spirits of the river. He loves to pick them up on the longest Tribal River in his region.


* A FREE game! Forget about ads, videos… Just have fun, have the highest score in the community and that’s all that matters to us.

* Simple and intuitive movement controls, do not worry about controls but rather worry about those clever Spirits of the river that Krøhm wants to wickedly collect. Enjoy and have a blast: turn, jump, slide, perform 180°, 360°, 540° … 1080°?!

* A world shaped in 3d and a fairy river populated by harmless spirits of the river. But watch out for the Guardians of the river, they will surely be tempted to defend their proteges!

* Compete with your friends…or your enemies! Dominate the world rankings and receive the title of the most tribal of the players.

* Tribal Raft: A Far Ride, just as addictive as Krøhm is addicted to its delightful Spirits of the river. Descend the region’s most dangerous Tribal river in an addictive race.

We thank you for playing Tribal Raft: a Far Ride. We have worked hard on this latest update and here’s what you’ll find:

– Skins make their entrance into Tribal Raft!
– Tribal Raft is a commercial-free game. We invite you to support us by purchasing skins for Krohm.
– We have reviewed and simplified the tutorial.
– We add a day/night system.
– Optimization and correction of various bugs

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