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Truck Parking Europe app


Truck Parking Europe – The Driver Community

Truck Parking Europe is the largest free European platform for truck parking facilities. The constantly growing, community-based parking database contains both officially designated truck and motorway parking places and car parks, as well as other suitable parking places, e.g. in industrial areas, all updated and evaluated by a pan-European community.

Everyone who is on the road everyday is familiar with the situation: due to strict regulations for driving and rest times and the lack of sufficient parking places on the main traffic corridors, searching for a suitable parking place is a problem – especially if you want to use as much as possible of the allowable driving time.
Truck Parking Europe is the solution to this problem. The comprehensive parking database simplifies your daily search for parking facilities on the European highways. In addition to official parking space data, the parking app takes into account suitable, good parking places away from the long-distance highways, based on the personal experience of a pan-European community. The extensive parking place evaluation function offers more added value, helping you with questions such as which parking places you should avoid and which are preferable, and which ones are lit, supervised or next to supervised areas such as factory sites.
Find parking places that meet your needs and benefit at the same time from the options of adding your own parking places to the database, correcting and evaluating existing data, and sharing parking facilities with others. Take advantage of the pan-European community of Truck Parking Europe!

New features in Truck Parking Europe 3.1:

At Truck Parking Europe, we highly value your feedback. After all, we’re doing this to make your life on the road easier. After listening to all your feedback we’ve come up with the following updates, to make the app suit your life on the road even better:

• Satellite Maps are now available when adding a new parking place to our database.
• We’ve improved our push messaging and notification center. You can now see the number of unread messages.
• We’ve improved the user interface of the driving mode. Now the number of parking places are also visible.
• The driving mode will now close automatically when arriving at your destination.
• We’ve improved our occupancy reporting. You can now report the occupancy in the parking details overview when you’re within 1200m of the parking place.
• We’ve improved the overall user interface and design.
• We’ve also fixed minor bugs.


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