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US Army Sniper Assassin


Play US Army Sniper Assassin Newest Sniping Game:
Sargent! You had successfully locate terrorist boot camp base in remote desert location training battalion. Our military forces can’t make airstrike on allies land. Officer we don’t have much time to collect the evidence of these trained militia groups. Play as frontline trained commando and destroy enemy base camp before they attack innocent citizens in city. Get ready to confront fierce battles on sandy desert. Load sniper gun and take down enemies war bases with wreak havoc but zero civilian casualty with your fury training in this best shooter game.

Deadliest War Sniper Shooter Missions on Frontline:
World at war kill or be killed is the whole plot of this sniper shooting simulator. Secret agent pass you US intelligence information for rival bootcamp. Enemy bases planning deadly terrorist activities against your country allies. Show elite sniper school skills and become lone survivor by killing crime lords in epic action fury game. Enter enemy military bases, hide behind walls and move from shadow to shadow to strike terrorists in challenging American sniper killer missions. Shoot enemy gunmen standing at American sniper tower in this newest action game. Infiltrate enemy military camps with real marksman aim to destroy rival armored cars planning that transfer weapon ammunition to another city.

Survive Battle Zone and Save Your Nation Getting Dishonored:
Beware of enemy flying helicopters looking for you, exhibit quickly moves with sneak skills in rival dangerous hotspot for crime. Choose best sniper nest and strike their most powerful gunships, giving enemy gunner no time for combat shooting. Adjust target in sniper rifle zoom lens and fight against terrorist army bases. Become true hitman and kill shot enemy battalion alliances to take vengeance against their deadly threat to nation security. In this one man army sniping simulation game, shoot enemy rooftop sniper with shooter killer skills and bring peace in your country by destroying all rival military bases.

US Army Sniper Assassin Features:
Challenging commando sniper mission in specified time limit.
Variety of weapons like assault rifles, sniper gun and pistol.
Test your real sniper school skills by destroying enemy chopper and rival helicopter pilot.
Realistic desert urban city environment.
Upgrade fire power with customizing armory
Amazing hd graphics and sound effects.

Download US Army Sniper Assassin newest action game right now and enjoy real shooting levels to destroy all enemy bases and safe your country.


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