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Virus Cleaner – MAX Security (Mobile Security Protection, Virus Remover, Antivirus for Android, CPU Cooler & AppLock) is one of the top 🏆virus cleaner – antivirus software with virus remover, antivirus cleaner, security scan, phone security & Free antivirus download for Android!

MAX Security antivirus for android – professional mobile security scan app for your android phone with antivirus cleaner, phone cleaner and virus protection for android!

Top Security Features of MAX Antivirus Software:
👑Super Antivirus, Security and Virus Cleaner
👑Super Virus Scan & Antivirus Cleaner
👑Super Android Protection & Security Guard

⭐Super Antivirus Cleaner & Security

★ Best Antivirus – Virus Cleaner
TOP Antivirus for Android, virus scan, and virus remover.
MAX Security (mobile antivirus & virus protection), the best antivirus software, anti malware, mobile antivirus software & virus protection, acts as an android protection security, which automatically blocks spyware, malware and Trojans from phones. MAX Security (phone antivirus software &virus remover) ensures your device security and anti malware by the best antivirus software, virus scan and virus remover features.

 App Lock – Security Lock Master
With security, the main feature of MAX Security (mobile security & best antivirus software), this best antivirus app not only act as mobile antivirus but also phone security lock and android protection as well. Security lock with password or pattern to retain privacy. MAX antivirus software (free antivirus download) taken responsibility for security lock make sure nobody else can access your most privacy apps.

⭐Super Phone Cleaner & Virus Cleaner

Junk Cleaner – Free up storage space
Except for virus cleaner and antivirus for android, MAX Security – Antivirus Software (free antivirus for android & virus scan) acts as a booster which frees up space of your phone. MAX Security – Antivirus Software (anti malware & virus cleaner) can free up space for better usage. MAX Security (best antivirus software) allows you to clean up caches, speed up the phone in one-tap boost!

Booster for Android – Speed up Phone
MAX Security – Antivirus Software (mobile security scan & virus scan) – As a professional android protection booster (virus cleaner & antivirus software), it automatically closes apps that run in the background. MAX Security- Antivirus Software (best antivirus software) boosts your phone to get it security and running faster!

Scan Deeply – Mobile Security Scan & Virus Remover
Max Security scans the installed apps, new apps and SD cards and removes viruses and threats automatically. As android protection and security guard, deep scan makes phone cleaner and safer. MAX Security (virus protection & free antivirus download) also protects you by android protection (phone security scan, virus scan, anti malware, mobile antivirus and virus remover).

⭐Super Phone Optimizer & Phone Security

CPU Cooler – Android Protection
MAX Security – Antivirus Software (virus cleaner & free antivirus for android) will optimize CPU usage and stop overheating to cool down CPU. MAX Security – Antivirus Software (free antivirus for Android & android protection) continuously detects and starts a cooling progress, effectively reducing the phone temperature.

Battery saver – Longer battery life
MAX Security- Antivirus Software (virus scan & free antivirus download) can extend battery life by up to 20% with battery saver. Battery saver of MAX Security- Antivirus Software (best antivirus software & free antivirus download) can detect power-draining apps and stop automatically.

GET the Best Antivirus Protection App – MAX Security NOW!

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