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Wave to Unlock – Lock App


I have developed this app because I wanted to avoid pressing the power button just to take a look at the watch – which I happen to do a lot on my phone. There are already other apps that do exactly this – and even more. I was inspired by Wave to unlock – auto on / off Screen which is a great app.
Just wave your hand over the proximity sensor of your phone to turn on / off the screen on. This is called wave mode and can be disabled in the settings screen in order to avoid accidental switching on of your screen.
It will also turn on the screen when you take your smartphone out of your pocket or purse. This is called pocket mode and can also be disabled in the settings screen.
It also locks your phone and turns off the screen if you cover the proximity sensor for one second (or a specified time). This does not have a special name but can nonetheless be changed in the settings screen too. This is not enabled by default.
For those who have never heard proximity sensor before: it is a small thingie that is somewhere near where you put your ear when you speak on the phone. You practically can’t see it and it is responsible for telling your phone to lock off the screen when you’re on a call.
You can to Screen on / off with function Shake to lock screen on, or off. It allows you to screen off and lock the device. Device admin(this is just for the permission to smart touch lock screen, nothing else) and select the suitable sensitivity and the application is ready for use. Just exit the application and shake it.
Key feature Wave to Unlock – Lock 
-Light off screen
-Light open the screen
– Set the number of times you pick up your phone to turn it off
– Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor over time to turn the screen off by the number of touches that cover the sensor
– Adjust the shake count to turn off screen lock
Do not hesitate to download the app and use the service to experience the latest features on this application

– Bugs fix
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