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Where Shadows Slumber Demo Game


Wherever Shadows Sleep is a glumness puzzle video game that occurs in a shadowy, abandoned universe. You will help the main figure in his seek out redemption — a search that spans many worlds and introduces one to an ensemble of strange figures. Whom rules this kind of forgotten terrain? And that will be still left once the excitement draws to its inescapable conclusion?

The sole tool for your use – besides your mind – is definitely the chaotic characteristics of the galaxy. Anything that can be not used by light has the flexibility to change. This kind of governing basic principle will be your guidebook in the night, but as well your undoing. After all, should you be not handled by the light, you have the liberty to change too. What will you feel?

This software is a brief demonstration belonging to he total game’s gorgeous worlds, mind-bending mechanics, and haunting history. The full video game will be unveiled at a later date, to get determined.


Where Dark areas Slumber was created for equally phones and tablets.


The demo is certainly 100% full. Thanks for performing, and enjoy!


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