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Winter Fishing 3D Game


To catch a fish you need to check whether there is any bait on the hook. To do this, get the gear and click on the “Fishing reels” icon in the upper right corner. If the hook is empty, put the bait on it. The icon for “Baited hook” is next to the icon “Fishing reels”. If you selected the Match type of game, you are able to change the bait clicking on the baited hook again.
Remember that different species of fish bite on different bait: raffe like corn, the best lure for rudd, perch and crucian carp is gammarus or bloodworms, while big perch and pike chase little fish only. Now put the gear in the water and cast out the fishing line, then click on the “Fishing reels” icon again. Wait for the fish to get lured by your bait. Some fish get better attracted by teasing – raising and lowering the bait – then they start to bite quickly.
As soon as you notice the spring bobber is moving – catch the fish immediately, sharply pull up the rod! Depending on how quickly and swiftly you pull up the bait, you either catch the fish or miss it. Now you need to promptly get the fish out of water before it falls off the hook – click on the “Fishing reels” fast!
If you do everything quickly and correctly – fish won’t have a chance to escape! Bait the hook again and continue with exciting fishing! Note that each fish bites differently, some raise the spring bobber, some make it very softly and barely noticeable, some suddenly sank the gear, just make sure you watch the spring bobber closely, who knows what fish came up this time?
Once you feel confident enough you can disable tooltips in the “Options” menu.

New version of the game is now available winter fishing 3D – II


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