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X Drifting Game


Download X Drift to Meet Your Realistic Car Drift Dreams and become the drift legend king !
Super realistic 3D game screen gives you the perfect car drifting visual impact of drift!
Turn the steering wheel and finish your drift legend at the corner! 🚗

Game features:
※ A variety of drift games:
Three game modes: survival mode, arena mode, and time challenge mode.
Survival mode: You need to reach the designated checkpoint within the specified time to continue the game. When you reach the checkpoint, you will add time until the time is zero, and you will be rewarded according to the drift time.
Arena mode: In the ring stadium, the driving car arrives at a random checkpoint within a certain period of time;
Time challenge mode: You need to complete 2 laps for the same track, and take the fastest lap time for your final match result;
※ variety of top rally racing cars:
12 top-level rally cars are waiting for you to choose. Each car has its own distinctive appearance, including powerful off-road tires and roll cages. Four kinds of racing attributes: speed, drift, torque, tire, the higher the property, the more easily the car can complete some extreme drift on the field;
※ Multiple map challenges:
6 unique track: 3 track loops, 3 mountain track, 3 types of climate, sunny days, rainy days, and snow days. Each track will record your highest score, you can repeat the game on each track, and constantly refresh your score on the track;
※ No need to use the internet to play any games:
No WiFi, no problem, want to play anytime, anywhere, no time and geographical restrictions. All 3 modes and 6 tracks support offline challenges.

Download X-Drift now and create your own drift legend enjoy the extreme drifting feeling!

It’s time to drive your car to make nice extreme drifting and leave your brakes on the track!

Added new level.
Fixed car paint problem.
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