X Launcher Free for Ios 12 Phone Xs theme & icon


👉 This stylish launcher is an easy-to-use, no-frills launcher for Android, is inspired by the latest phone Xs, Rich ios 12 style operation and functionality. It combines the flat design and fluid style phone X wallpaper, and on this basis, an increase of rich 3D effects. It’s different from the CM Launcher and Nova Launcher that we often see. It is designed for users who love Iphone Xs/Max .

Maybe you prefer Android phone openness and freedom, but you don’t like the mediocre interaction and the way your home screen look or act and you like the Phone Xs new look, you want to experience iOS 12 launcher and smart control style on your phone but you don’t know what to do. You are looking for an Phone Xs Launcher application for your android phone. Our IOS Launcher – X Launcher is the best choice you have. You only need to download X Launcher will be able to experience everything you want

With this iOS Launcher, we transfer the personal layout of your android phone to look like Phone X layout. Make your friends surprised with the new screen of your phone.


– Simple, lightweight, power efficient.

– Easy to use, efficient operation.

– Beautiful Phone X themes, luxury IOS wallpapers, smooth transition.

– Smart widgets, Effects, Rich theme options.


🎨 latest phone Xs wallpaper and icon sets 
The rich icons for Phone X library and latest wallpapers give you a comprehensive experience. We are still updating.

 Swipe Up iOS Control Center 
Swipe up on the desktop to open the control panel, Quickly control the phone WiFi, Bluetooth, signal, flashlight, volume, brightness, screen rotation, etc.

🔐IOS Lock Screen 
Unique lock screen and password unlock interface; here we have lock theme for íPhone Xs with ios 12 wallpapers.

🔃 3D Animation Effects 
Powered by 3D animation engine with graphic effects, 3D themes and widgets, launcher for ios enables 3D transition, and will bring you a magic transition effects experience.

🔥 live Phone Xs wallpaper 
Live wallpapers customize the traditional flat default menu interface; make your Phone X launcher stylish.

🚀 Swipe down to open all apps 
Hide apps icons and swipes down to open it ; Quickly find local apps and get web search results.

 iOS Calendar & Weather widget 
In the leftmost screen, At the far left, you can quickly see the current calendar and time, as well as the local weather conditions

📂 Smart Folder and Jitter Uninstall 
Keep your menu tidy and organized. Quickly delete the application.

Download X Launcher now and join the fun! More interesting functions will be coming soon! 😎 😎 😎

The Best Phone X Launcher For Ios 11
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