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ZACK Zombie Attack Shooter Game


What happens if a common guy decides to chill out a little?

Apocalypse! Yes, just apocalypse! God damn zombie apocalypse, which only can imagine in a nightmare!

The army of the dead will rise from bowels of the earth and will begin their invasion all around the globe. Only small camps of survivors can resist this plague. Hundred thouthands of zombies, limited food supplies or betrayal of your own people… What will be the most frightening test in these terrible times?

Or it’s just a dream?

The game ZACK: Zombie Attack Shooter is waiting for you:

-Vintage top down shooter, with automatic and manual aiming of your choice!
-Exciting story!
-Game map with a lot of additional missions!
-Large arsenal of firearms and bladed weapons!
-Unique set of modifiers that will make your hunting for the dead more interesting, more difficult and will give you more rewards!
-Camp of survivors in the best rpg traditions (maybe it will remind you one old town, from one old popular game)

ZACK: Zombie Attack Shooter – it’s a top down shooter with a twin-stick controls, which do not leave you indifferent in the fight against the army of zombies. Be ready to shoot an army of walking corpses that settled down in a small American town, rescue the cowardly survivors, unable to raise weapons, look for supplies, weapons and medical supplies throughout the city.

Simple realistic graphics, spectacular effects, an infected town, populated by crowds of zombies of different kinds, that’s what awaits you in the game ZACK: Zombie Attack Shooter.


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