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Zombies Chasing My Cat


Picture it; you wake up one morning to the zombie apocalypse. Not a single living soul around – just herds of walking dead lurking & looking for BRAINS!
All of a sudden, your cat Oscar jumps out of the window & speeds off into the distance!
You must leave your shelter and get Oscar back while avoiding flocks of undead monsters.

Don’t be a scaredy-cat – forget your typical Farm, Tower Defense or
Strategy game. The objective is to run as fast as you can while dodging zombies, and other obstacles in your way. Use the arsenal of a real zombie hunter and get ready to pull the trigger! Make your way through deserted towns, abandoned farms, military bases, woods, graveyards, deserts, and coastlines. Sweep a prison, a disease control center, a UFO crash site, and more!

– Zombies Chasing My Cat is the Ultimate Arcade Shooter-Runner featuring:
– Easy swipe-to-play controls
– Coin to collect, as well as time bonuses like berserk rush
– A crew of quirky characters to unlock
– Old school voxel-based 3D graphics, & amazing animation
– A slew of prizes, Easter Eggs, and other freebies!
– Tons of levels to master – unlock the endless mode in the open world!
– Mind-bending action and loads of adrenaline pumping action guaranteed
– Localization for English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian & Brazilian Portuguese.

Only the fastest will survive in this battle against the undead!


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