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Zombinizer – I’m first zombie Game


Infected by a virus secretly studied by the governement,
I became a zombie.

The government scientists locked me up for experiments.
One day, a natural disaster paralyzed the city and I was able to escape…

“I won’t be a zombie alone!”

The rage filled revenge of patient zero begins!

* As the infection goes on the survivors unite and become stronger.
* Use skills to defeat the strengthened survivors
* Increase the number of ally zombies and summon special zombies!
* Upgrade the storage to turn multiple people into zombies at once.

Game Features:
– Learn abilities that benefit combat and rewards.
– An endlessly unfolding end times vertical scroller!
– Unique stages set in destroyed cities
– Zombies vs. humans equipped with powerful weapons!
– Cute zombies and special zombies full of personality
– Special skills and various abilities that strengthen zombies
– Wild massive battles that resembles a siege!


1. Upgrade of game performance.
2. New system : “Boss”
3. More benefit by shop
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